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High mast structures

There are a variety of high mast lighting structures. Different options have different pros and cons and we can help guide your choice. This ensures that your high mast lighting system is appropriate for your site and ongoing requirements.

The four choices are illustrated below, from left to right these are; lowering headframe; fixed; mid-hinged; base-hinged.


Lowering headframe masts

These masts have lighting fixed to a frame which is lowered down the length of the mast using a powered winch & pulley system. These are ideal systems for working safely at ground level and they can be used even in the most space restricted areas

Fixed masts

Fixed masts are exactly that - fixed. Teamed with efficient lighting they offer a great way to light large areas. perfect for car park lighting, airport lighting and sea port lighting.

Mid-hinged and base-hinged masts

These types of mast are popular with sports facilities. They hinge either in the middle or at the base, allowing access to the lighting at ground level. They do need clearance in the hinged position so they aren't always suitable for sites that are tight on space.

For more information about our high mast lighting options see our high mast lighting page.

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